Monthly Archives: December 2013

Fresh and tasty vegetarian food options
  • Halloumi kebabs with thyme and lemon baste
  • Barbequed aubergines with mozzarella and tomato stack drizzled with a home-made herb dressing
  • Portabella mushroom stuffed with vintage stilton and leek, finished with mini crustinis
  • Barbequed Mexican corn cob with chilli and lime covered with lashings of melted butter.
  • Homemade carrot and sesame burgers
  • Chef’s special homemade polenta
  • Glamorgan vegetarian sausages
  • Mediterranean couscous stuffed bell.
Fresh fish locally sourced from our friendly fisherman. We try to keep our fish options seasonal to help maintain sustainable local fish stocks and maximise on taste.
  • Cod with coriander butter
  • Mackerel fillets- perfect just as they are
  • Barbequed split lobster with garlic and rosemary
  • Salmon kebabs with dark soy and sweet brown sugar marinade
  • Seasonal whole fish- fresh and locally sourced for maximum taste
  • Swordfish.